pHaze 23 A&C Synergy Serum
pHaze 24 Rejuvenating Serum
pHaze 25 ExLinea™ Peptide Smoothing Serum

Specialty Serums

pHaze 25 ExLineaPeptide Smoothing Serum
This extremely effective serum features the oligopeptide acetyl hexapeptide-3 (Argireline). Used twice daily, it can reduce the depth of existing wrinkles up to 30% in 30 days, while also relaxing facial muscle contractions that can lead to further facial wrinkling. Hyaluronic acid increases intracellular moisture to plump and hydrate. HPBCD is added to enhance delivery of needed lipids into the skin as well as to create an instant tensor effect on the skin to firm and smooth. The antioxidants tocopherol and tocotrienols (vitamin Es) blended with L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C) quenches free radicals and protects the skin from environmental aging.

pHaze 23 A&C Synergy Serum
Use to achieve and maintain total skin clarity. Helps with cell regeneration, collagen stimulation, line minimizing, lightening, pore refining, skin strengthening, anti-inflammation, skin firming and tightening. Appropriate for all skin types and conditions.

pHaze 24 Rejuvenating Serum
Epidermal growth factors help stimulate cell division and proliferation, which leads to healthier skin and faster wound healing. InVitrolon™ adds vitamins, amino acids, growth factors and osmoprotectants, which protect the cells from water loss, keeping the skin firmer, smoother and healthier. Appropriate for all skin types and conditions.

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